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Mobile Monitoring Vehicle

Measurement of ambient air quality parameters is traditionally conducted using permanent and semi-permanent stationary enclosures. However, when there is a requirement for the quantification of site or area level impacts, short-term event monitoring, peak exposure assessments, or comparative analysis, the Ambilabs® Mobile Monitoring Vehicle is the ideal solution.

Key aspects of a mobile monitoring platform are; the system’s ability to perform to a quantifiable standard in its requisite uses, to be autonomous in operation, have the ability to measure both stationary and in motion, versatility in travel surface capability (on and off-road in all-weather conditions), maintaining a “ready” state for rapid deployment, and to have remote capabilities for data collection, instrument control, and remote maintenance.

The Ambilabs® Mobile Monitoring Vehicle has been designed to meet and exceed these requirements. The expertly engineered solutions include the construction of the vehicle in a 3/4-ton four-wheel drive over height van to enable travel on both on and off roadway surfaces in all-weather conditions, installation of a vibration isolated versatile instrument racking system, an onboard combined power system enabling up to 3 days of autonomous operation under extreme climatic conditions, a split stream pressure stabilizing sampling manifold to sample both gases and aerosols from one inlet, and a remote management suite including instrument control, diagnostic monitoring, and data transfer for real-time quantification and response control.

Real-time Mobile Monitoring with Single Inlet Split Aerosol, Gas Sampling.

  • Seamless Stainless steel intake with Borosilicate glass distribution manifold
  • 3 sampling manifolds
  • Real-time manifold pressure monitoring and emergency dump valve

Sampling for Primary Components

  • H2S
  • SO2
  • THC (total hydrocarbon via FID)
  • Aerosols (3 wavelength neph with backscatter and angstrom calculation)
  • Canister sampler for TO-14 laboratory analysis
  • Ultrasonic Wind speed and direction

Vehicle Positioning and Remote Communication

  • GPS located (GPS and cellular backup)
  • 4G/LTE plus fallback Cellular communication
  • Roof mounted 10MP 350 deg rotation, pan/tilt/zoom camera with programmable tour settings

On-board Data Acquisition System

  • Digital communication with primary instrumentation
  • Analog and relay control for additional peripherals
  • Web server
  • Camera Streaming
  • Heads-up display for driver

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