Covid-19 Updates

As the spread of COVID-19 novel coronavirus continues to impact us all, we want you to be aware that we are taking steps to minimize disruption to daily operations while ensuring the health and safety of our employees. To minimize risk, exposure, and business disruption we are taking the following actions:

  • Limiting outside contractors and visitors to the facility.
  • Enhanced cleaning and PPE use for shipping and receiving areas being used.
  • Handwashing and sanitizer are readily available and being used frequently and according to best practices.
  • Increased amounts of soap, hand sanitizer, and cleaning materials have been procured.
  • Common areas are being sanitized by staff at regular intervals.
  • Enhanced cleaning of common touch points are being conducted.
  • Employees are observing social distancing and avoiding meeting in groups as well as following density guidelines outlined by local, state, and federal directives.
  • Any staff exhibiting any symptoms have been self-isolating or working from home.
  • Staff are monitoring and providing updates from local, state, and federal guidelines and updates daily.
  • We have been limiting site visits or customer interaction to only the most essential of services or circumstances.
  • Company travel for any reason is being limited to critical essential services until June 1, 2020.

Please be aware that we are maintaining the following essential services operational infrastructure:

  • Instrument servicing (via our service centers in USA and Canada), including expedited service center work upon request.
  • Full range of spare parts remains available, including expedited shipments upon request.
  • New air monitoring instrumentation and rental air monitoring instrumentation.
  • Instrumentation training services (customized based on each customer’s needs) performed via live web conferencing software.
  • Data acquisition and validation and reporting software training services performed via live web conferencing software.

We are committed to serving your needs in our role as an essential solutions provider, and as such we have implemented significant operational changes as outlined above, in order to continue to perform the functions necessary to help support the critical health and research initiatives which our customers are undertaking daily. We also wish to wholeheartedly thank each of our customers for your incredible and impressive continued efforts to continue to operate air pollutant regulatory monitoring networks and/or important research applications. Provided that we can continue to do so safely and constructively, then it is our intention to continue to help you in whatever capacity we can during these critically important times.