Ambient Air Monitoring Systems

At Ambilabs®, we have been designing and installing full turn-key monitoring systems for many years, including equipment deployed throughout the United States and Canada. We have extensive experience working on both small and large ambient air monitoring projects. Starting with the basic addition of an ozone monitor through to a turn-key air quality monitoring station, Ambilabs® has the instrumentation, expertise, and comprehensive technical support to implement your requirements for air quality monitoring.

Ambilabs® has worked on air quality monitoring projects with numerous government agencies, research facilities, power plants, and tribal communities worldwide. Our systems help reduce the effort involved in reporting valid data to federal and state agencies, while also providing improved system operational efficiencies. Our system integration enables remote management through the automation of analyzer measurements, routine quality assurance processes, and system function parameters. These features translate to fewer operational station visits, assure precise and accurate data collection and maximum data capture, and all of this is achieved at extremely affordable pricing.

Ambilabs® can provide the highest quality instrumentation for measuring ozone, particulate matter, meteorological data, and other pollutants. Additionally, we can provide a state-of-the-art environmental data management software package that automates the process of retrieving data from multiple data loggers, allowing operators to validate data and generate a wide range of reports, while ensuring accuracy and traceability.

A Typical Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Station includes:

  • Ambilabs® designed monitoring shelter
  • EPA approved O3 Analyzer
  • EPA approved PM2.5 and/or PM10 analyzer
  • EPA approved FRM partisol PM sampler
  • Gas analyzer fully automated, remote controlled calibration system
  • Comprehensive data acquisition system including digital logger and remote maintenance, acquisition, and validation software which reports to EPA-AQS, and AirNow databases.
  • Meteorological equipment including Wind Speed and Wind Direction, RH, temperature & pyranometer
  • Sampling manifold, instrument racks, and standard system support infrastructure

Additional Instrumentation Available:

  • Continuous BTEX Gas Chromatograph for Air Toxics
  • Nephelometer for high resolution visibility and PM
  • Analyzers for NOx, CO, NH3, H2S and other gases
  • Total hydrocarbon and methane/non methane analyzers