Test Chamber 

Ambilabs® developed a unique environmental testing chamber. This advancement made it possible to mimic any ambient air and integrate reference sensors in order to test small sensor technologies. Our professional-grade environmental test chambers are capable of accurately creating and maintaining a wide range of temperature and relative humidity conditions. This includes a stainless steel rectangular-shaped enclosure, a temperature control system for controlling the test temperature, humidifier/de-humidifier for varying the relative humidity. 

In addition to standard temperature and advanced humidity control, the chamber may be configured with automated gas dilution and particle generator systems to provide specific atmospheric conditions in which to test robustness of sensor and components. Coupled with an external analytical system, sensor response may be tested for accuracy, precision, and linearity. 

Key Features:

  • Humidification System – Range (10 to 95%)
  • Temperature Control System – Range -30 to 170 degrees C
  • Automated multi-point Temperature and Humidity Control
  • Analog and Digital Communication Ports (right)
  • Variable speed air circulation

Optional Features:

  • Automated Integrated Gas Dilution System
  • Automated Integrated Particle Generation System
  • Zero Air Generation System
  • Independent Gas and Particulate Analysis System
  • Inner Chamber
  • Custom sensor and component mounting platforms